The video above highlights just a very small few of the many Oklahomans whose lives have been turned upside down due to the lack of workers compensation. In the video you will hear emotional, honest, first hand accounts of how the livelihood of people and their families has been cast into turmoil due to the lack of support they receive from the state which they had worked for. ​Heartland Heartache was created as an attempt to correct a wrong that was made when The State of Oklahoma changed it's workers compensation laws, resulting in the destruction of all protection and assistance that is due to any worker in any state.

There is a forum located below the video where you can comment, discuss, and share your own stories. In order for change to happen, people must get involved! So please share the video with others - inform them about Heartland Heartache!


We citizens have the power to make a change! If we all just ignore this, or if nobody is aware of the issue, nothing will change. All employees of the state of Oklahoma, even YOU, risk having their life ruined by a simple accident at work. Together we can make a difference. Please share, discuss, and inform others about the state of our workers comp.